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April 2019





by Rebecca Lisle

It’s cold in the Stone Age and Pod needs something to warm his bottom. He tries all sorts of materials (stone, wood, shells, mud!) but nothing seems right…who knew underpants would be so hard to make! Come join Pod for some wacky, inventing fun!


by Stacey Matson

It’s Arthur A. Bean’s last year of junior high, and he finally has his own column in the school newspaper: Just One Guy’s Opinion. But his co-editor Kennedy is mad at him (not that he still wants to be her boyfriend) and his friend Robbie has moved to another city. Now he’s on a collision course with the new principal over censorship. Can Arthur make it to grad without starting a revolution?


by Janet Wilson

All kids have the right to a school. What makes a school? is it four walls and a roof? A library? A gymnasium? What if your school had closed because of a fuel spill that happened 20 years before, and the kids in your town had nothing but a few portables to learn in? That is what happened in Attawapiskat First Nation, a small community in Northern Ontario. Shannen Koostachin was one of the students in those portables. Every day, she dealt with the freezing cold air that crept in through the poorly insulated walls, the small smelly bathroom, and the long walks between portables. She and her classmates asked themselves: Is this right? Does anybody care? Shannen, her friends, and her community decided to do something about it. They made a YouTube video about the poor conditions. They traveled to the country’s capital, where Shannen made a passionate speech to the politicians telling them they were failing First Nations children, and not just in Attawapiskat. Soon they had captured the attention of children thousands of miles away who supported their cause. SHANNEN AND THE DREAM FOR A SCHOOL is the true story of Shannen Koostachin, her classmates, her community, and the movement to support First Nations children. Shannen’s dream continues today.

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