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With the next Parent Council meeting happening on November 21, it’s a great time to have a glance at October’s Meeting Minutes. Summarized below are some key discussions from that meeting that Bedford parents should be aware of.


The Field Rejuvenation Project (section 4.1)

The school is progressing with rejuvenation collaboratively with all stakeholders in order to strategically use all the yard space and maintain functionality while maximizing usage for K to grade 8. There is a focus on sustainability by keeping existing healthy trees and removing infected ones. Currently the project is anticipated to begin June 2018 and be complete by November 2018 but will depend on the scope and results of various stages such as soil samples. Bedford students provided their input last year and meetings with the architect and board representatives are ongoing. Parent Council will be approached to raise a certain amount of funds in order to enhance the features put in place by the School Board.Melissa Ngo (melissaleengo@yahoo.com) is leading the field project.  She will solicit donations from the corporate sector within the community. Anyone aware of associations that may be willing to donate should contact Melissa.


Community Night (section 3.4)Parent Council is looking for people to take over the organization of Community Night. The infrastructure is in place (small groups in place to cover various parts of the event organization) but need a leader or 2. Last year $20,000+ was raised.

We encourage you to come out on November 21. If you have any interest in contributing your time to Parent Council in any way, please contact Bedford Park Parent Council.

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