After Day One…We Want to Hear From You!

Every year it seems to get easier to get through the ‘First Week of School’ rituals and procedures. Yes, even the class paperwork, the endless labelling and general sorting out of supplies and technology tools the kids need. Today as Bedford students and teachers were met with a beautiful day while meeting their new teachers and reconnecting with old friends, this website team (which is part of Bedford’s parent council) aimed to make that a bit easier by delivering a fresh face for the Bedford site. The goal is to create a more efficient way to communicate with the entire Bedford community, parents. teachers and students included. The intent is that this site will increasingly become the one stop shop for parents to get the updates they need and feel more a part of what goes on at this school daily. A lot of the effort needs to start with parents and we want to hear from you! Firstly, please note the new twitter handle is @bedfordparkpsto and we called it Bedford Park PS PC (run by parent council) which you can find at the top of this website and streaming at the bottom along with Ms. Mantia’s handle @DNMantia.  You’ll find the Facebook page at the top tooNew this year we added an Instagram account so we could better capture all the incredible images of the amazing things that go on inside and outside our school walls.

Through parent involvement, this website can deliver more timely and useful information to share. So, feel free to e-mail us your thoughts or pictures, or suggestions for great content or news we may not know about or even stuff you don’t like. It’s all good! E-mail us at and we promise to do our best to respond quickly!

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