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March 2019

JUNK, A Spectacular Tale of Trash

by Nicholas Day

Discarded packets of gum, old tires, tangled rope, even 43 wheelbarrow’s worth of half-rotten bananas Sylvia Samantha Wright has a good eye for finding the things that others have tossed. Her family and neighbors don’t understand her obsession with junk. and that’s okay with Sylvia Samantha Wright. She’s working on something only she doesn’t quite know what it is just yet. But she knows that that’s the best part, the part before you know.

SHELBY"S STORY, A Dog's Way Home Tale

by W. Bruce Cameron

Shelby doesn’t remember much of her early life–only that she was always hungry and cold. Then one day, Shelby is rescued by a kind woman, and things change forever. She soon finds herself on a movie set, and her new life is filled with challenges and rewards. She learns things like to Go Mark, Cut, and Dig. Her rewards include squeaky toys, yummy chicken–and best of all, love and affection.from castmates and crew. Everyone loves Shelby!


by Wendy Orr

Leira is on the brink of womanhood at last, and starting her priestess training along with her best friend Pellie. It’s an important job they have been preparing for all their lives: to act as a voice between their people and the goddess of their island. But something is not right. The volcano that birthed their island is restless, and nothing the priestfolk can do will still its shaking. And just when Leira feels her perfect future is etched in stone, a disaster strikes beyond anything she could imagine.

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