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September 2018


by Christopher Silas Neal
Cat is hungry. But cat food? Ugh. It’s dry and dull and not very yummy. No, thank you. But if Cat won’t eat cat food. what will he eat? Turtle eats worms, but worms are too wiggly. Fox eats rabbits, but rabbits are too bouncy. What everyone eats is just too thoroughly unappetizing to Cat. Until, by chance, the thing Cat really wants to eat appears right in front of him. What could it be?


by Cynthia Lord
One afternoon, Lily’s blind dog, Lucky, takes off across the blueberry barrens. Before he can run into the road, a girl lures him back with her peanut butter sandwich–and that’s how Lily meets Salma Santiago. Every summer, migrant families like Salma’s flock to this remote corner of Maine to work in the blueberry fields. Lily never gets to know them, since they don’t stay for long. But this summer is different. Lily and Salma share a love of painting and a knowledge of loss. Salma believes in Lily’s plan to save Lucky’s eyesight, even when no one else does. And Salma has a plan of her own: she wants to enter the local Blueberry Queen pageant and win first prize. No migrant worker has ever entered in the history of the pageant, and change is hard. It takes bravery and someone willing to go first. The girls’ new friendship stretches all the way from the fields to the stars. Can it also give Lily the courage to stand up for herself–and Salma–in front of the entire town?.


by Kevin Henkes
A Newbery Honor Book
Sometimes life can change in an instant. Martha Boyle and Olive Barstow could have been friends, but they weren’t. Weeks after a tragic accident, all that is left are eerie connections between the two girls, former classmates who both kept the same secret without knowing it. Now, even while on vacation at the ocean, Martha can’t stop thinking about Olive. Things only get more complicated when Martha begins to like Jimmy Manning, a neighbor boy she used to despise. What is going on? Can life for Martha be the same ever again?

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