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January 2018

Remembering Vera

“Well…I’m a-keepin’ her! “That’s what Coast Guard serviceman Davie Bunch says when he finds the sweetest little puppy hiding between the crates one day when he is sweeping the dock. There has never been a puppy in the barracks before, and Davie knows he had better hide her from the commander or he’ll have to give her up. He names her Vera after one of his favorite aunts, and soon Vera is the best-kept secret on the base. Then one blustery day when a distress call comes in and the crew needs to get a lifeline to a capsized boat, it’s Vera to the rescue. Though surprised, the commander finds himself cheering Vera on, and soon the US Coast Guard has a new mascot and brave little Vera has a new home.

by Patricia Polacco   

The Griffin of Darkwood

12-year old Will Poppy has always been fascinated with writing — he thinks there’s something almost…magical about it. But when his mother dies, and he has to live with his crabby aunt, Will finds himself unable to write a word (despite the fact that two Muses will not leave him alone). Then things get complicated — he is sent a mysterious package that includes an old picture of his grandparents and a piece of cloth with the words “The Griffin of Darkwood” on it, and his aunt takes him to a run-down castle with servants who are up to no good — and that’s just the beginning! Now Will must find his way in this new world, and discover the magic all over again.   

By Becky Citra

Two Times a Traitor

 A Junior Library Guild Selection     What happened in 1745? Suddenly it’s very important for Laz Berenger to know. If only he’s gone on that boring tour of the fort with his family, he might have found out. And if he’s gone on the tour, he might not have walked through a tunnel and into a war fought two hundred and fifty years before. Now he’s stuck in the past wearing ridiculous clothing and a pair of shackles, courtesy of a ship’s captain who thinks Laz is a spy. The only way he can earn his freedom is to become a spy for real. But even if he does, will he find the way back to his own time?

By Karen Bass

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