Bedford Basketball Finalists

Boys Grade 6 Division 1 Basketball Finals
By Philip Scheibehenne
On Friday we played two games at Milne Valley Middle School. The first game against the hosting school started off 6 to 0 for us. They caught up 6:6. It was a tight game but in the end we won with a score 23:19. There were lots of parents from all teams and the atmosphere was really good!
Because we won we moved on to the final game which would have lead us play against the division 2 team which then would have lead to the city finals.
So we played the second game against Allenby PS. Unfortunately we lost 31 to 16. We had to deal with one player less (one of our two rep players had to leave) requiring different shifts. We tried our best but our shots weren’t falling. Regardless we had great team spirit and lots of fun representing Bedford.
We’re proud to be second in division 1!
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