Faculty and Staff

Grade Name
Principal Dima Nijmeh-Mantia
Vice-Principal Melissa Berger
JK/SK A Ms. C. Sekimoto
JK/SK B Ms. C. Henry
JK/SK C Ms. S. Mark
JK/SK D Mr. L. Bonin
JK/SK E Ms. S. Gryfe
GR1 A Ms. E. Hargrave
GR1 B Ms. C. Lamanna
GR2 A Ms. L. Kennedy
GR2 B Ms. J. Salerno
GR2/3 Ms. L. Burk
GR3 A Ms. R. Nelson
GR3 B Ms. A. Komlos
GR3 C Ms. M. Mitz
GR3/4 Ms. C. Yip
GR4 A Ms. C. Corner
GR4 B Ms. A.Vavassis
GR5 A Ms. D. Paterson
GR5 B Ms. E. Andrews
GR5 C Mr. A. Ianni
GR6 A Ms. R. Nadel
GR6 B Mr. O. Carmona
GR6 C Ms. L. Joe
GR7 A Mr. M. Ludin
GR7 B Ms. G. Davis
GR7 C Ms. J. Rix
GR8 A Ms. L. Brownlee
GR8 B Mr. C. Norris
GR8 C Ms. L. Haque
GR8 C Ms. L. Malouin
SPEC.ED. Mr. D. Pimental
SPEC.ED. Ms. I. Goldenberg
ESL/Prep Ms. N. Yasny
FSL +Prep Ms. L. Tate
FSL +Prep Ms. L. Micheff
FSL +Prep Ms. O. Dyck
GUIDANCE Ms. B. Angheloni
Library +Prep Arnie Lukas
Music Mr. C. Coady
PHYS ED Mr. G. Henneberry
GUIDANCE Ms. B. Angheloni
Pool Instructors Ms. L. Lavender
Pool Instructors Ms. C. Tarasick
EA Ms. R. Barbieria
EA Ms. F. Kushtova
ECE Ms. T. Hsu
ECE Ms. S. Gillis
ECE Ms. V. Srikantha
ECE Ms. M. Simpkins
CYW Ms. B. Barletta
Office Staff Esther Ching
Office Staff Judy Cook
Head Caretaker Mr. C. Enman
Shift Lead Mr. J. Goodwin
Caretaker Mr. C. Ng
Caretaker Mr. A. Singh
Caretaker Ms. T. MacDonald
Lunchroom Ms. T. Hammer
Lunchroom Ms. B. Holmes
Lunchroom Ms. C. Hynes
Lunchroom Ms. S. Mazan
Lunchroom Ms. M. Muranaka
Lunchroom Ms. K. Paschalis
Lunchroom Ms. N. Radonicich

Events for week of March 17, 2019

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Sun 17th
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Tue 19th


March 19

Badminton Try-out – Girls Gr 6 only

March 19 @ 7:45 am

Badminton Skills (serving) – Boys Gr 5

March 19 @ 10:00 am

Pizza Lunch

March 19 @ 11:35 am

Pizza Lunch

March 19 @ 11:50 am

Badminton Try-out – Girls Gr 5 only

March 19 @ 11:50 am

Badminton Skills (serving) – Boys Gr 6

March 19 @ 1:50 pm

Badminton Try-out – Grade 8

March 19 @ 3:15 pm
Sat 23rd
No Events Today